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The biggest and powerful nuclear Russian Arctic ice breaker in the world will be floated in May, 2016

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The biggest and powerful nuclear Arctic ice breaker in the world will be floated in May. Reported the correspondent about it. TASS in the press service of "Baltic Shipyard".

On May 26 I intend to float the head universal nuclear Arctic ice breaker of the project 22220. That day the enterprise will celebrate the 160 anniversary", - told at plant. Further the vessel will be already completed on the embankment, and in December, 2017 transferred after all tests to the customer - Federal State Unitary Enterprise Atomflot. The new generation of ice breakers designed "CDB Aysberg. The head vessel of the Arctic project is put in November, 2013, the first serial Siberia ice breaker, - in May, 2015. The laying of the second serial - "Ural" - is planned in September, 2016. Under the contract, serial atomic-powered vessels worth 84,4 billion rubles have to be handed over at the end of 2019 and 2020. Possibilities of the latest Russian courts the Latest Russian atomic-powered vessels will be able to overcome almost three-meter ices and to carry out vessels with a loading capacity up to 100 thousand tons. They will serve the Northern Sea Route and to drive the vessels transporting hydrocarbonic raw materials from fields of the Yamal and Gydansky peninsulas, the shelf of the Kara Sea on the markets of the countries of the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean. Atomic-powered vessels of the project 22220 it is more more powerfully than the predecessors. The two-sedimentary design will allow to use the vessel both in the Arctic waters, and in mouths of the polar rivers. The maximum length will make 173,3 m, width - 34 m, a deposit on a constructive waterline - 10,5 m, the minimum worker of a deposit - 8,55 m. Displacement - 33,54 thousand tons. Ice breaker power - 60 MW. LK-60Ya ice breakers will receive the two-reactor power station. The main source of steam - the installation of new generation of RITM-200 with a power of 175 MW which is specially developed for this vessel on OKBM of Afrikantov. To the "Arctic" it will be established in 2016. The cost of one RITM-200 installation - 8 billion rubles.

Source: http://tass .ru/ekonomika/2572986

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