The Council

American University in Moscow (AUM) was founded in 1990 with the endorsement of Presidents Mikhail Gorbachev and George H. Bush, Gorbachev's science advisor academician Yuri Ossipyan, and Mayor of Moscow Gavriil Popov.

Financial support for the university came from several American companies and private individuals, most generously from Russia House and the late Robert Krieble. At that time it was the first private business school in the USSR . Many Russian students who graduated from the university with the equivalent of MBA degree became successful businessmen and entrepreneurs and have made their contribution to Russia 's transition to a free market economy.

In the year 2000 AUM transferred all its educational programs and the library to the International University of Moscow. Presently it is concentrating on research, publishing and conference activities in the area of US – Russia relations. Our mission is to promote U.S. – Russia exchanges through different educational and cultural programs. For example, we are trying to help American students to study in Russia and Russian students in America . We also offer an intensive Russian language and international journalism programs in cooperation with Moscow State University.