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Saturday, 17 February 2018 18:30

Expansion of the Chinese interests in the Arctic causes concerns

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Xi Jinping's administration has accurately designated intentions of China to expand influence in the Arctic and to strengthen sea positions in the Arctic Ocean, having for the first time published the White book on policy in this region.

Beijing has emphasized, as at the country which has neither territorial waters, nor the territory in the Arctic, there is a right for free activity. China is ready to take more active part in the most various affairs of the region.

Beijing called the route passing across the Arctic Ocean, "A polar Silk way" and also has emphasized intention to develop and use this direction. The People's Republic of China has called various countries for participation, having connected it with the grandiose economic idea of "One belt, one way" which is formed of the silk ways passing by land and to the sea.

As for "One belt, one way", China actively invests in development of ports, railroads and other infrastructure, thereby increasing own importance. Experts believe that his purpose also consists in providing itself with military bases. In the Southern and East Chinese seas Beijing I ignored legislatively fixed mode.

Quite naturally that interested countries feel fears in connection with actions of the People's Republic of China in the Arctic.

Thanks to thawing of ices as a result of global warming in the Arctic Ocean the quantity of zones for navigation has increased. The way from Japan to Europe is reduced by 40% in comparison with a route through the Suez Canal. Also experts note that in this region there is a lot of gas, oil and other natural resources. Its importance as from the point of view of economy, and safety increases.

The problem is that against the background of collision of interests of various countries the international rules haven't been developed. There is no agreement, similar the Antarctic Treaty which rejects any claims for territorial sovereignty and is allowed by use of the region only in the peace purposes.

The USA, Russia, Canada, Finland, Denmark and other Arctic countries actually monopolized the Arctic, having created the Arctic Council.

Russia positions ensuring own interests in the Arctic as a priority military task. Under the guise of accident prevention she has established own rules according to which the Russian ice breakers are obliged to accompany the vessels passing across the Arctic Ocean and raises a payment for it. It allows Russia to take an economic benefit.

In 2013 Japan, China, RK and other not Arctic countries became non-permanent members of council, however they have no right to vote. It is important to constrain the excluding actions of the Arctic countries and also to provide free and stable use of the Arctic.

In 2015 Japan has formulated the Arctic policy. It is necessary to recognize that she lags behind China which develops the relations with Finland and other Arctic countries and whose large ice breakers cross the Arctic Ocean.

If active use of the Northern Sea Route begins, the Chinese vessels will begin a thicket to pass across the Laperuza, Tsugar Straits and the Korea Strait. It is unknown how it will affect safety of Japan. The authorities need to think over the corresponding strategy.

Source: https://inosmi.ru/politic/20180214/241458715.html 


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