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Members of the Russian FSB Border Guard Service and the US Coast Guard have carried out joint exercises patrolling the state border in the Bering Sea waters.

Researchers from Murmansk Arctic state University will analyze the risks of dangerous natural and man-made phenomena that affect the coastal zones of the Russian Arctic.

"Russia annually loses about 11 square km of area due to the fact that the Arctic coast is eroded due to natural phenomena. To this, we need to add the risks of increasing anthropogenic load: increased ship traffic, construction of enterprises, growth of port capacity, and so on," the publication quotes the project Manager, a leading researcher at the Information and analytical center of the Murmansk Arctic state University, Georgy Gogoberidze. According to him, even a small release at the enterprise and a minor accident of a vessel with a fuel leak can lead to huge consequences - much more critical than in the southern regions due to the high vulnerability of the Arctic ecosystem.

The article explains that the results of the project can be applied to the economic development of sea coasts in the Arctic. "The risks in the construction and operation of infrastructure structures, and human life in General, on the Arctic coasts are enormous and incomparable to those that exist in the coastal zones of warmer seas," the publication notes.

The research was supported by a three-year grant from the Russian Foundation for basic research. Specialists from Saint Petersburg state University will participate in the project.in the future , the number of scientific organizations will increase.

The President of the Russian Federation signed a decree on the basics of state policy in the Arctic zone until 2035. They determine Russia's national priorities in this region. These include ensuring the country's sovereignty and territorial integrity, preserving the Arctic as a world territory, ensuring a high quality of life and well-being of the Arctic population, and developing its resource base. The development of the Northern sea route as a competitive national transport artery on the world market, environmental protection and protection of the traditional way of life of indigenous peoples are separately spelled out in the framework.
"The state policy framework provides for the development of a unified statistical and information-analytical system for monitoring and managing the socio-economic development of the Russian Arctic zone," said Alexey Chekunkov, head of the Far East and Arctic development Fund. - The Foundation is starting to implement this project. This will be a dynamic mathematical model that takes into account Arctic resources, logistics, economic and environmental factors and allows you to calculate scenarios for the development of the Arctic and the Northern sea route, depending on the speed and scale of economic, social and climate changes. In fact, we will create the first digital counterpart of the North sea route in Russia."

Control centers in crises will be created in the Arctic, said Tuesday the head of the Ministry of emergencies of Russia Evgeny Zinichev.

"In the framework of joint work with the Ministry of industry and trade of Russia, Rosatom and other structures, measures are being taken to create Arctic control centers in crisis situations, as well as to develop the aviation group of the Russian emergencies Ministry in the Arctic," said the head of the Ministry of emergencies.

Zinichev reported that in 2019, the has Ministry of emergencies begun to review their approaches to security in the Arctic, where active work on the economic development of the region and development of transport-logistics system of the Northern sea route.

"The implementation of the planned measures should contribute to improving the safety of not only the Northern sea route, but also the entire continental part of the Arctic region," the head of the Ministry of emergencies said.

This year the development of aquaculture in the Arctic will be among the industrial priorities of the Ministry for the Development of the Russian Far East and Arctic. This is according to Deputy Minister Alexander Krutikov. Together with the Arctic regions, the ministry is drafting a list of measures for developing this sector.

"This year our job is not just working out but also implementing the support mechanisms for the Artic aquaculture. Two years ago we implemented a number of solutions related to the development of the sea aquaculture in the Far East, which resulted in a four-time increase of the used water. After 2019, we can say that the production of aquaculture grew five times," Krutikov noted.

"This mostly concerns Karelia as well as the Murmansk and Arkhangelsk regions. It won't be difficult to introduce it across the entire sea Arctic territory, but we should contemplate how to do this when it comes to lakes, so that they would also be accessible," Krutikov believes.

On January 30, the Russian government approved a package of bills on state support of entrepreneurship in the Arctic. In a few days, it will be submitted to the State Duma to be prepared for the first reading. "For us, this is a chance to envisage the special solutions that are needed to speed up the development of aquaculture in the Arctic in this system of incentives. We can do this as part of the amendments for the second reading," Krutikov said.

Experts assess the feasibility of introducing the concept of the Northern sea transport corridor. This was announced by Maxim Kulinko, Director of the Department of development of the Northern sea route and coastal territories Of the Directorate of the Northern sea route of the Rosatom state Corporation, in an interview with PortNews news Agency.

"Now the Ministry of regional Development is considering the feasibility of introducing a new concept - the "Northern sea transport corridor". This is in a sense a return to the experience of the Soviet Union, when Main North sea route was created, which was responsible for the route from Murmansk to Kamchatka. Thus, the container line development project can work within the economic model of the Northern sea transport corridor, " Kulinko said.

The representative of Rosatom noted that the Northern sea transport corridor is not a replacement for the North sea route, but it is a more correct economic model for the development of Russia's Northern seas.

Recall that at the end of 2019, the Russian Government published a Plan for the development of the North sea route until 2035.