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Saturday, 18 April 2015 07:44

"The Arctic is not waiting for you, you have to fight." Group under the direction of the polar day Shparo sent to the North Pole

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On April, 10th VIII Youth expedition to an arctic pole started. Known travellers of Matvej Shparo and Boris Smolin will move on «an apex of the Earth» seven schoolboys and students and Minister of Education and Science Dmitry Livanov. Together with them correspondents «» search adventures for Polina Nikolsky and Anatoly Zhdanov.

Every year near to an arctic pole forces of Russian geographical society (RGO) and Associations of polar explorers on a drifting ice floe create the time polar station studying techniques of a survival on drifting ice. The station not gaining before state financing was leased last 14 years. More often travel companies of the different countries were customers. They organised from it ski expeditions to an arctic pole or forwarded tourists to it one day. The camp was used and for scientific expeditions. Polar explorers and tourists named station for weather conditions near to an arctic pole ironically - "Barneo". This year "Barneo" do not rig. To forwarding centre RGO the offer has arrived to develop on ice two platforms for the state account - seasonal drifting scientific station «Northern pole-2015» (joint venture-2015) and baseline "Cupola" on which will take place the provisions of the Ministry of Defence devoted to the 70 anniversary of the Victory and the 85 anniversary of formation VDV. The camp budget, on a declaration of the special representative of the president of the Russian Federation on the international cooperation in Arctic regions and Antarctic Arthur Tchilingarov, - 205 million rbl. of Mercantile tourists including foreign, on the joint venture-2015 this year, «it is visible, will not be», the employee of press service RGO has illustrated.

However, at least one group of tourists to an arctic pole this year will get. On April, 11th from the Norwegian settlement Longyear City (archipelago Spitsbergen) the airplane will forward to the joint venture-2015 a command of VIII youth expedition «On skis - to an arctic pole» under the direction of known traveller Matveja Shparo. Since 2008 in April it and its workmate Boris Smolin drive to an arctic pole senior pupils. The time is chosen not casually. According to Matveja Shparo, April - unique month in a year when not skilled polar explorers can attain a pole. This time of polar day, when on a pole not extremely cold (go on ices at polar night can all some persons in the world). And in summer months when the temperature in this region rises to-5 …-10 the grades, formed after collision of drifting ice floes of an ice-hole solidify much more slowly so, them becomes more. It takes away from the travellers crossing such sections in special diving suits, it is more than forces and a time.

The first youth expedition started literally in three weeks as Matvej Shparo and Boris Smolin have returned from travel to polar night. Again on a pole, but already in polar day, they have departed with seven schoolboys. The same composition remains and now is usually four young men and three girls. On a pole they go on skis, to a belt of everyone sledge with things and equipment are cemented. It is necessary to go about 110 km. The exact distance can be learnt only upon termination of expedition. Ice drifts, and tourists, for example, can, while sleep, to departure on an ice floe on some kilometres back or aside.

Travel on a pole a command from ten persons, according to Shparo, costs about 15-20 million rbl. of 85-90 % of this sum - expenditure for a transfer. During marchings of participants the aircraft of FSB providing safety almost always accompanied. «From seven expeditions six times we flied on airplanes of aircraft of FSB of Russia which can sit down on ice. Pilots should train, and all of them equally without us would make training flights. It was possible to agree, and for us flights did not cost money», - tells Matvej Shparo. One expedition dated for the 90 anniversary "Dynamo", the club society has paid.

According to Matveja Shparo, selection of children in travel almost is conducted every year under one circuit design. Interested persons send jury the questionnaire in which specify the achievements in sport, name people who consider as heroes, and explain in an essay why they want to get to expedition. Besides, the schoolboys, dreaming to subdue a pole, should share in the All-Russia mass race «the Ski track of Russia». Last stages of selection - training in camp of a family of Shparo «Big adventure» in Kareliya where children take place a minimarching in winter conditions, and gathering in park of high-rise rope headings in Ruze. After that the jury defines seven winners. Last two years of applicants help to select regions. Past April with expedition on a pole there was a representative at the president of the Russian Federation by the rights of the child Pavel Astakhov. He has suggested Matveju Shparo to conduct on a pole of pupils of correctional schools and pupils of children's homes. In some hours after children and the ombudsman have returned to Moscow, participants were accepted by Vladimir Putin. At a meeting of Matvej Shparo has transferred to the president some letters - with the request for assistance in the organisation of the big professional expeditions and the offer to make youth expeditions to a pole regular. «To be knocked down in a question Vladimir Vladimirovich has asked the assistant Igor Levitina. There is a letter to Minister of Education and Science Dmitry Livanov with a commission to switch on the future expeditions to the plot of work of the ministry», - explains Matvej Shparo.

After that in a rule about expedition it has been consolidated that winners of the school Olympic Games can become participants. This year as a part of expedition to submit the arctic pole Dmitry Lebanons will go also. «I, of course, will try to descend, this interesting business», - the minister has commented on the participation in a marching. In March Dmitry Lebanons passed training together with children in Kareliya. According to Matveja Shparo, he has got acquainted with Dmitry Livanov some years ago on one of the meetings, devoted to children's tourism. Then has offered Dmitry Livanov who has subdued Elbrus, Mont Blanc and Kilimandzharo, to share in youth expedition on a pole. But the schedule of holidays of the minister has coincided with travel dates just now. Whether begins tradition to take to an arctic pole officials, Matvej Shparo while cannot tell.« Certainly, participation of the known person is an attention to expedition. Travel on a pole lifts image and to statesmen who instead of holiday on Maldives go on any deprivations », - the traveller speaks.

Three participate in expedition-2015 11-klasnikov, two 10-klassnikov and two first-year students: Vladislav Rumjantsev, Julia Samokaeva, Andrey Rudnev, Vitaly Gasparjan, Alain Beljaeva, Nikita Serkov, Cyril Matuhno. All of them are participants of the school Olympic Games, are engaged in hockey, handball, skis, sports orientation, the pedestrian marchings. Julia Samokaeva from Dmitrova tells that at their school of applicants for a marching to an arctic pole selected «on an optimum relationship of parametres sport study». The schoolgirl, for example, the participant of the All-Russia Olympic Games by the right and production engineering and a member of a sports society "Dynamo", was engaged long in track and field athletics. However, sports recently has almost thrown: Julia is going to arrive in the Moscow state medical university of I. M.Setchenov. The second participant of a command Alain Beljaeva became the winner of a regional stage of the All-Russia Olympic Games on physical training twice. The Olympic Games final stage this year has coincided with preparation for expedition to an arctic pole. Alena Beljaeva has chosen a marching. The student of the Ural federal university Andrey Rudnev tells that to it have called from the local Ministry of Education literally for couple of days before gathering in Kareliya when he sat on steam. In two days it already departed from Ekaterinburg.

«At me as much as possible equal approach to all participants, whether it be children, invalids or the prince of Monaco (the prince of Monaco Albert of II Matvej Shparo of carriers to an arctic pole in 2006 godu. -“ ”), - tells Matvej Shparo. - There is a purpose which it is necessary to attain. And it is not important, you can go or not. Igor Kuznetsov was with us in Greenland, it the invalid-koljasochnik. I speak to it:“ Igor, run here! ”It approaches, because fathoms: that I ask it, it is necessary to make sweepingly. He does not take offence, and I do not think that it cannot go and I should tell something another».

The world the desire corrects, the traveller is assured. In questionnaires and on educational gathering, as he said, it and colleagues pay attention even not so much to physical preparation, and on aspiration of schoolboys to attain the arctic pole: «it is important to fathom that travel to an arctic pole both hundred years ago, and now difficult and dangerous. That the traveller in Artike meets and now hundred years ago met: a cold, snowstorm, frosts, hummocks, bears, ice-holes. Arctic regions does not change, the nature remains same absolutely ruthless, it inhospitable, she does not wait for you, you should struggle. The main thing is a motivation. Both the child, and the prince of Monaco are similar in it and are charged on the purpose. So, a pole will reach».

Source: <http://kommersant.ru/doc/2702975>

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