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Monday, 16 October 2017 15:56

Global warming prepares for Russia surprises: it became clear what will be winters for hundred years ahead

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In the next three days in the Moscow region can drop out to a half the monthly rainfall. And in weather forecasts for the next two weeks there is no sunny day any more. For a while will be able to change situation unless planes which will disperse over Moscow clouds before a carnival of the World festival of youth.

However, the equipment will hardly cope with those climatic problems which wait for us in the next years. Heavy snowfalls in the winter and rains in the summer — all this, according to scientists, will be from now on an integral part of global warming.

To learn everything about global warming, they have gone to Far North. Scientists from the Russian institute of oceanology are sure: all answers can be found in the ocean — Arctic. Here they have constructed the real underwater observatory.

- For every month we have received one test — researchers explain.

Tests of water and soil undertake automatically. And once a year scientists break through ices to take away them. The Arctic is called laboratory of climate, weather on the most part of Earth depends on this region. Because of thawing of ices nanoplankton has begun to grow here. In the summer he covers the surface of the ocean, thereby protecting the planet.

"Ice has thawed. His certain function is performed now by potassium-phosphoritic blossoming, interfering with passing of solar radiation to water thickness and its further heating" — the doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, the head of the laboratory of optics of the Ocean of institute of oceanology of P.P. Shirshov RAHN Oleg Kopelevich explains.

But plankton produces gas because of which clouds are formed more. And it is heavy snowfalls in the winter, pouring rains in the summer.

The United States after the hurricanes "Harvey" and "Irma" as one more has approached the State of Mississippi – Nate haven't managed to recover. And in Omsk observed real a tornado recently.
"Climate change is not only change of temperature. It also change of circulation of the atmosphere. And all these phenomena lead to the fact that the system is removed from certain equilibrium a state" — the climatologist, the senior research associate of the Main geophysical observatory of A.I. Voyeykov Andrey Kiselyov notes.

Violation of this balance is connected with the fact that in the 20th century emission of carbon dioxide has sharply increased. It collects, the atmosphere heats up stronger, and together with it and all planet.
"If it is global, then in 100 years – by one degree. Temperature of your body: if 36,6, then you as it should be, the degree is more — 37,6 — you are sick. It can be very essential to biology" — the academician of RAS, the acting research supervisor of Institute of oceanology of P.P. Shirshov RAHN Robert Nigmatullin warns.

All researches say about what in the territory of Russia grows warm most quicker.

"Warming threatens Russia as a negative factor — very most part of the territory of the country is in a zone of permafrost" — the deputy director of the All-Russian Research Institute of Hydrometeorological information — world data center Alexander Sterin notes.

Permafrost has already begun to thaw. Little by little. But it is enough that in houses cracks have gone. What will be with climate and with us, scientists around the world try to understand now. There is a theory that actually us in general waits for Ice Age.

"As it is noted by results of observations, monitoring of climatic parameters, there is a global warming. But it is unknown as long it can proceed. It is possible that in several decades it will turn back a global cold snap" — the deputy director of Institute of experimental meteorology for scientific work Alexander Nerushev is afraid.

One more popular theory, generally in Hollywood: because of thawing of northern glaciers Gulf Stream will stop — Europe will freeze.

"Gulf Stream doesn't stop, you can live one thousand more years, Gulf Stream will flow as flows" — the academician Robert Nigmatullin assures.

Scientists from Tyumen have said recently that flashes in the Sun which were in an early autumn, guarantee to us cold winter. There are even versions that severe frosts are provided for the next 35 years.
All supercomputers expect what will be weather or as the climate on the basis of the data obtained from usual meteorological stations will change. At the Baltschug station in the center of Moscow meteorological observations are conducted 70 years.

The meteorologist Elena Popova compares for us average temperatures of October of different years.

"Now we have temperature of 8 degrees, and in October, 1967 was 11,5 degrees. That is it was warmer and!" – she reports.

This absolutely unscientific comparison only confirms conclusions of academicians that the climate in one day won't change, just at cinema happens. In the next 100 us the usual rainy fall waits for years. And here the winter according to the forecast of Roshydromet will be warm everywhere, except for Siberia.

Source: http://www.vesti.ru/m/doc.html?id=2943166 

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