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Monday, 14 September 2015 13:03

Russian and foreign experts will discuss issues of cooperation in the Arctic at a meeting of the International Expert Council in St. Petersburg

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On September, 24th, 2015 within the limits of the program of the International exhibition on shipbuilding, navigation, activity of ports and to development of ocean and a shelf "Neva-2015", St.-Petersburg, will pass next, the third, session of the International advisory council on cooperation in Arctic regions on a theme «Economic, technological and sea cooperation in Arctic regions».

The basic themes of forthcoming session reflect the actual agenda of today's international cooperation in Arctic regions:

  • actual and look-ahead estimations of development of a geopolitical and geoeconomic situation in the world in average and long-term prospect, a role and a place in them of the Arctic area;
  • technological provision of development of Arctic regions and safe navigation in the Arctic widths;
  • financial and economic aspects of development of Arctic regions;
  • legal and politiko-legal aspects of the international navigation on Northern sea way;
  • international cooperation pressing questions in questions of development of Arctic regions.

The Russian and foreign experts will take part in the event program. Participation in event was already confirmed with representatives of some diplomatic missions of the countries-participants and observers of the Arctic council. At session the first journal number «Arctic Review» - the official publication of the International advisory council on cooperation in Arctic regions will be presented.

Importance of similar event consists that the platform of advisory council does not assume discussion of any sharp political problems: organizers consider that international cooperation politicisation in Arctic regions, especially, its binding to events in other regions of a planet (in particular in Ukraine) is destructive inherently. Session promotes adjustment of dialogue among professionals, gives the chance to discuss in easy conditions sights of the parties at cooperation in Arctic regions.

To the greatest regret, recently it is a lot of examples of that our western partners are not inclined to dialogue. So, within the limits of session on February, 25-26th, 2015 in Oslo target group of the Arctic council about scientific cooperation the Canadian delegation in the absence of the mandate on decision-making has refused negotiations on legally binding agreement about strengthening of the international scientific cooperation in the north.

Organizers of session consider that carrying over of sanctions to Arctic regions will cause a disbalance in interaction of the basic Arctic players and will negatively affect productivity of forthcoming two-year presidency of the USA in the Arctic council - instead of structurally solving standing questions, the parties will be connected diplomatic and sanktsionnoj by struggle as Russia will be symmetrically forced to answer unfriendly steps. Speech thus goes about possible "proslipping" of dialogue from the Russian Federation in such important directions for the USA as development of contract-legal base in spheres of extraction of natural resources, transport, ecology, and also joint scientific researches in Arctic regions. Today Russia is ready to deepen cooperation with other countries in case of carrying over by the West of sanctions on the international Arctic cooperation. So, last years interest has essentially grown from China, Japan and South Korea to Sevmorputi and their readiness for its commercial use on the offered Russian Federations conditions. Despite some decrease in a cargo transportation in 2014, Beijing counts that by 2020 on SMP will move to 15 percent of the foreign trade cargo flow of the country that corresponds about 800 billion euro. Seoul also highly appreciates economic potential of Sevmorputi, putting a problem to enter into number of leaders on sea transportations in the Polar region.

Speaking about necessity to keep dialogue, it is important to remember that huge backlog of successful work which has been saved up by specialists in previous years of successful cooperation on dialogue in Arctic regions, and today it is put under sanktsionnyj an axe: Moscow and Washington conduct joint researches in Arctic ocean, implementing program Russian-American long-term census of the Arctic (RUSALCA) which is performed within the limits of the bilateral memorandum signed still in 2003 between National board on development of oceans and atmosphere of the USA (National oceanic and atmospheric administration) and the Russian Academy of Sciences. The USA and the Russian Federation are co-chairmen of working groups of the Arctic council about the organisation of search and rescuing in emergency situations, and also to the decision of ecological questions.
Historical experience of international cooperation shows that Russia always was and remains the responsible player in the north. Complex safety of the Russian Arctic zone, including safety of navigation, protection of objects concerns its main priorities neftegazodobychi and pipelines from terrorists and other potential threats. On purpose to prevent origin in Arctic regions of the emergency situations which elimination of consequences is integrated to enormous problems for ecology and a climate of all planet, the military base on Novosibirsk islands has been opened. Also creation of ten rescue centres of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia which will be provided by the specialised technics, capable to work in difficult Arctic conditions not only on a land, but also on water, under water and in air is planned. The infrastructure of northern ports and polar airdromes is actively modernised and equipped. Doctrines of aeromobilno-saving groups which can cover all territory of Arctic regions in real time at origin of crisis situations are conducted.

In March, 2015 at institute Brukingsa the special representative of the USA on affairs of Arctic regions Robert Papp, speaking about actions of Russia in the north, has noticed that, the Russian Federation has a just cause to strengthen the military presence at region as Northern sea way passes lengthways its borders and on its Arctic water areas. For this reason the developed infrastructure for servicing of the ships is required: ports, the airports and saving points.

To continue work on dialogue preserving in international cooperation questions in Arctic regions and forthcoming session of experts is called.

For information. The international advisory council on cooperation in Arctic regions is created on May, 23rd, 2013. The memorandum of Council creation has been signed by experts from Denmark, Norway, Russia and the USA. The initiative of creation of advisory council belongs to autonomous non-profit organisation «the Center of strategic estimations and forecasts». The project is implemented at financial support of Fund of support of public diplomacy of A.M.Gorchakova.

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